Barun Deep Singh

Barun Deep Singh

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Barun Deep Singh is a seasoned Digital Marketing Coordinator with Klein Group, where his diverse background and innovative approach shape his work. Starting his career in Bangalore, India, Barun enhanced the digital presence of brands across various sectors, including lifestyle and entertainment. In Canada, his foray into real estate marketing over the past two years has been both enriching and successful.

With a foundation in computer science and fresh insights from his recent MBA, Barun excels at marrying creativity with data-driven strategies. He is driven by the transformative power of the internet, passionately helping businesses forge meaningful connections with their audiences and continuously learning from the sectors he engages with.

At home, Barun cherishes life with his wife and beloved cat, indulging his artistic side as a music enthusiast and singer-songwriter, embodying a blend of creativity and analytical acumen.

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Royal LePage Westside Klein Group (Vancouver)
English, Hindi, Punjabi

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