Top 4 Things to consider in a Land Assembly

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Imagine trying to assemble different parcels of land into one piece - it's kind of like snapping building blocks. Except that we are talking about something people deeply value and cherish - their land. Due to their very nature, land assemblies require long timeframes to complete and can be very time-consuming. Often it is not just about the attributes of the land, but it is also about the people involved in the process.  Today, we are going to look at the top 4 ways to begin to understand land assemblies.

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September 1, 2023
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1. The Food Analogy

We all love food - mixing the ingredients and creating the right process generates something that causes taste buds to soar. While not to the same level, land can have those same special attributes that matter and how you mix these ingredients together, can mean getting the right profit for your land assembly and not getting it. Some might require a dab of more knowledge; others might be about to burn if you don't turn down the heat - what this means is that there are many variables involved, so knowing and not knowing what to do is part of the battle.

2. The Ingredients

This technique boils down to an age-old question - is the whole greater than the sum of its parts? Aristotle thought so, but when you're describing land assembly, it's probably best to explain the ingredients that go into a land assembly.

There is a standard question you have to ask - how do the ingredients play together?

In the case of land assembly, it is about the people and in this case it will be different people with different situations. Just like flavors can be different, so can people. Land assemblies contain more than just a negotiation between a group of sellers and a buyer. They contain different ingredients: city council, planning departments, legislation, the transit authority, schools, neighbours, competing buyers and the opinion of the public are all ingredients that play their role in the process. Remember that if you introduce the wrong ingredient at an improper time, it can ruin the process. That's why it's imperative to have the right mix of ingredients and to know when to use them.

3. Mixing It Up

Mixing up the ingredients is never easy, and people need to know what the process means - it is more complex than people think. Say, for example, your property is basil, and the other is oregano, separate they don't do much, but when combined, they make for a great mixture. The same can be said for people who own homes with land on them, and what makes a great mixture is when people work together and realize that the value of their property will increase the more they work together. Land assemblies are about assembling collectives of people with land that works to create value. It means that the more people work together through the process, the greater the value of their land assembly.

4. The Complexities

Cooking boils down to a specific set of techniques and how you prepare your process matters greatly. Remember that once you have identified that this is the process that yourself and the rest of the owners in your area want to go down, now you have to think of what will need to take place. It's how you approach the ingredients and what you do with them that matters. First, you start by looking at your ingredients and evaluating if the right amount is there - then you need to consider if you have the right consistencies. Will there be extra cost increases associated with your ingredients, what will we do if other ingredients aren't available? How will we source certain ingredients?


Land assemblies are complex like cooking - managing each owners personal circumstances and expectations while monitoring potential stakeholders affecting the marketing and the marketing process to source and present to the best potential buyer, are all a part of the process.

You need to know if you have to add the following extras:

  • Will relocation be included?
  • Is it a group sale or is it individual?
  • What will affect the transaction?

Remember that the difference is in the details and having the right expertise is important - this is similar to being a well-trained and educated cook who understands the complexity of food and what seasonings will work together and what will not. That is why it is important to work with an experienced Commercial REALTOR that specializes in complex land assembly - one that has the knowledge and expertise to ensure your best interests are their responsibility. It's like trusting a highly recognized chef who can expertly put all of the ingredients together to create an amazing dish.

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