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No Titles, Just Results® At Klein, humility and innovation replace ego, because that’s what it takes to be the best. Filled with individuals who aren’t afraid to take risks, challenge each other, and cheer each other on, our team has it all.
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Klein Commercial has given me the platform and the tools to grow my business and myself.

Olga Tarasenko

Top Brokerage

By working with the best agents in the industry at the best firm in the area, you’ll unlock exciting opportunities every single day.


Our “build your business” model encourages innovation and cultivates an entrepreneurial environment filled with innovation and professional growth.

Wealth Building

At Klein you’re in charge of your own business; build your wealth as you build your business with integrity and quality.


A growth-mindset is fostered at Klein. We facilitate both formal and informal mentorship programs to ensure our team is empowered.


Thought diversity is critical to success and collaborating with the brilliant minds around us reaps rewards much further than just the bottom line.


Our collaborative environment offers the space for every voice to be heard; you’ll be able to make an impact on day one.

Why Klein

Why you should join Klein Commercial.

Our Successes

Royal LePage has become one of the most successful brokerages in Canada.

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Royal LePage Agents in Canada


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Royal LePage in 100+ Markets


Royal LePage Media Impressions


Royal LePage Media Coverage


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Our Team

Build a rewarding, long-term career at Klein.

Growing Your Business

At Klein, each of our team members experiences business growth in three ways: growth as a company leader, growth as a team leader, and growth as an agent with a portfolio. When you join our “best in class” approach, you’ll be flooded with opportunities to manage company risk and maximize company profitability. Dedicating time to growing your team will challenge you to reward risk oversight and manage production milestones. As an agent, you’ll be able to demonstrate your entrepreneurial strengths while growing your business. As you exhibit growth in respective areas, you’ll be rewarded financially, challenged with further growth, and offered enhanced resources.
Klein Commercial Join Us Agent

Our Results

Klein is growing and getting better in every way.

Saving Time

Our Klein Commercial marketing platform will streamline your processes with advanced data analytics, top-notch technologies, and access to:

• Photography/Matterport
• Floorplans
• MLS®/Exclusive Listing Packages
• Design Templates/Postcards
• eMail Drip Campaigns / Landing Pages
• Social Media Support / Profile and Specialty SEO
• Market Reports

Our focus is on transparency, agility, and innovation.

What’s the difference between a Senior Vice President and Associate Director? We don’t know. Our philosophy is that if it doesn’t provide more clarity for the client or serve their best interests, its probably not necessary. So instead of considering “senior” roles for answers and approaches or somewhat arbitrary categorizations, our entire team is empowered to come up with their own approach, stoking innovation and creativity. 

Over the past 25 years, we have seen this pay dividends for our clients and team members. Without the pressure to “climb the ladder” or aim for the next title, our talented agents get to focus on finding the best solution for their clients, working through complex problems, and continuing to make Klein Commercial the results-oriented powerhouse we aspire to be. We measure success individually and collectively, but rewarding actions over personal achievement has broken down barriers within our team, helping us become a more cohesive unit. Klein Commercial isn’t the only organization that has adopted this approach; many companies across different industries have seen that allowing the breakdown of their old hierarchical structure opens the door to building something better.

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The Principle

A client-first, service-oriented approach.

While this business model may not work for everyone in our space, we’ve certainly found success, and we’ve discovered that it attracts the types of professionals that are at the top of their class. We attribute our growth and accomplishments to our people. It does not mean this approach serves internal purposes only; it also helps drive simplicity for our clients. We have seen clients get mixed up in titles, and become confused about who they  should be contacting at a specific time. When in reality, every member of our team forms part of an integrated  solution and is capable of serving our  clients and exceeding expectations. Allowing titles to stand was getting in the way of our organizational success and the happiness of our clients, so we decided to avoid those titles that really don’t add to our customer’s experience or driving their results.


Be part of the team.

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Klein Commercial understands how the personal affects business. This makes all the difference to our success.

Dean Thomas

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