Our Ethos

No Titles, Just Results.®

Klein Commercial Principles

The Principle

Spend your energy where it counts.

We Incentivise Results
Letting go of typical hierarchical structures that many organizations still hold on to may seem confusing to some, but at Klein, this approach means that we focus only on what we need to: results. Our agents are some of the most talented professionals in the industry and the title—or lack of title—does nothing to change their level of talent, experience or quality of care for our clients.
What’s the difference between a Senior Vice President and Associate Director? We don’t know. Our philosophy is that if it doesn’t provide more clarity for the client or serve their best interests, its probably not necessary. So instead of considering “senior” roles for answers and approaches or somewhat arbitrary categorizations, our entire team is empowered to come up with their own approach, stoking innovation and creativity. 

Over the past 25 years, we have seen this pay dividends for our clients and team members. Without the pressure to “climb the ladder” or aim for the next title, our talented agents get to focus on finding the best solution for their clients, working through complex problems, and continuing to make Klein Commercial the results-oriented powerhouse we aspire to be. 
Klein Commercial Results

Our focus is on transparency, agility, and innovation.

Klein Commercial Success
We measure success individually and collectively, but rewarding actions over personal achievement has broken down barriers within our team, helping us become a more cohesive unit. Klein Commercial isn’t the only organization that has adopted this approach; many companies across different industries have seen that allowing the breakdown of their old hierarchical structure opens the door to building something better.

While this business model may not work for everyone in our space, we’ve certainly found success, and we’ve discovered that it attracts the types of professionals that are at the top of their class. We attribute our growth and accomplishments to our people. 

The Principle

A client-first, service-oriented approach.

It does not mean this approach serves internal purposes only; it also helps drive simplicity for our clients. We have seen clients get mixed up in titles, and become confused about who they  hould be contacting at a specific time. When in reality, every member of our  eam forms part of an integrated solution and is capable of serving our clients and  xceeding expectations. Allowing titles to  stand was getting in the way of our organizational success and the happiness of our clients, so we decided to avoid those titles that really don’t add to our customer’s experience or driving their results.
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